Monday, September 26, 2016

Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal (1970)

Since all five of theses films were released within eight months of each other, you can't really say that each factored in the audience's response to the previous installment, but it kind of feels like it. Wild Jumbo tried doing something wildly different from Delinquent Girl Boss by having a mostly male cast and then in Sex Hunter they seem to have learned that the less men the better. Gratefully, Machine Animal seems to have learned from Sex Hunter that loads of rape tends to undercut your political messaging. They even seem to be addressing it with dialogue before the opening brawl. Watching these filmmakers and actors actively figuring out what does and does not work via trial and error is a very interesting experience. I have only one film left in the series. Will it be the masterpiece where everything truly comes together? Probably not! But that doesn't mean this hasn't been a pretty wild and enjoyable ride so far.

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