Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dogtooth (2009)

Beneath the political, sexual and familial layers at play in Dogtooth, this film is first and foremost about control and how hard it is to maintain. Logically, the film is told in a very controlled manner. The camera very seldom moves and the entire production was shot with a single lens which gives a subconscious feeling of uniformity. Yet, in spite of that rigid visual structure, the viewer is given a lot of freedom with regards to various aspects of the narrative and are thus allowed to find their own interpretation of them. When you are shown only very specific moments from very specific angles, it is on you to come up with what happens outside the frame and in-between the scenes. Like Christina, we are that little bit of chaos that is being thrown into the mix. Merely by watching this family, we are throwing them into absolute chaos with our judgements and observations. They were all so much happier before we came along and ruined everything.

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