Friday, March 15, 2013

Mulan (1998)

Another Disney film out of the vault! I was so excited for the Blu-ray release of Mulan that I literally had it written on my calendar at home and at work (I'm a nerd, I know).  Had to go to two different places to find it, but now it's mine, MINE!

Why do I enjoy this film so much? First of all, the animation is pretty great. From the opening brushstrokes creating stylized clouds and the Great Wall of China, to the fun switch in style in "A Girl Worth Fighting For," to the jaw-dropping rush of the Huns on horseback, it's all amazing. I know I always gush about the animation when I'm talking about Disney, but they really know what they're doing over there. Secondly, the film has some seriously good songs. "Reflection" is moving for anyone who ever felt like a disappointment, "A Girl Worth Fighting For" is silly and fun, and "Be A Man" is a super catchy earworm that never leaves your brain EVER. Let's get down to defeat...the Huns....HOOAH! Whoops, there goes my week.

Combine these elements with some topnotch vocal performances (Harvey Fierstein and Eddie Murphy being my favorites) and genuinely funny and touching moments, and you've got yourself another Disney classic. This is definitely one worth revisiting. Go watch Mulan kick ass!

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