Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rachel Getting Married (2008)

I'd been meaning to revisit this one for months. It's unfortunate that it took Jonathan Demme's death to get me to finally put the disc in the player.

Man he had a such a big heart. You can feel it in every frame of his work. He loved people and he loved life. You can tell that he drank in every moment spent with another human and appreciated all the things that made them unique. And his concept of love was not a naieve one either. He knew that life and love are complex and that things can get really dark at times. His light moments are all the lighter because darkness is still very visible in the rear-view mirror. The cinema of Jonathan Demme is the cinema of forgiveness.

We have lost a great artist and (by all accounts) a great human. Rest In Peace Mr. Demme. Thank you so much for all the beautiful and loving films.

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