Monday, September 7, 2015

Day for Night (1973)

Over the years I've seen many films about making films. Most of them fall into one of two categories. They're either about chasing an illusive muse (8½) or about how awful and petty people in the business can be (The Player). Having worked on small productions here and there I can tell you that both stories are valid, but what they are really missing is the love that brings people back again and again. They miss out on the whole summer camp element of a film set. And they certainly miss out on the love of cinema which drives so many into this business to begin with. The director has dreams of his childhood stealing lobby cards for Citizen Kane, the crew members flex their trivia chops and one of the lead actors is always aching to go to the cinema. While it's certainly not the most serious of films, I love Day for Night because it doesn't forget any of those things. Just like in real life, there may be drama and loss, but there is also joy. Of course famous spoilsport Jean-Luc Godard only had Contempt for this film.

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