Thursday, August 1, 2013

Miami Connection (1987)

Orlando (not Miami) is overrun with cocaine thanks to a heavy biker and ninja presence in the city. Fortunately the awesome rock band Dragon Sound is around to kick ass and put a stop to all this stupid cocaine and crime.

*      *      *

I don't believe in "guilty pleasures". If you find joy in something, then there is merit in it. So what if that joy comes from a ludicrous plot, poorly acted? FACT: Synth-rockers battling it out with bikers and ninjas is funny. No explanation necessary! As fascinating as I find J. Hoberman's 1980 piece "Bad Movies", being told that the Surrealists were the first to cultivate an appreciation for bad movies does not increase or decrease my enjoyment of them one iota. I also don't care about bad movies being, "unintended documentaries" either. I simply want to watch Dragon Sound take on ninjas so that Jim can reunite with his dad! Is that so wrong? 

Bonus Thought:
If you disregard the script and acting, Miami Connection is not too far off from some of the more "legit" films of the 1980's. For my money, Y.K. Kim could have easily directed a Bloodsport or American Ninja film.

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