Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Soooo, judging by the box office numbers, everybody saw Iron Man 3 last weekend, right? What a fun movie! I don't read the comics and I only saw the previous Iron Man movies once each, so I was coming into it ready for anything. I wasn't disappointed!

First of all, it was so much nicer actually seeing Robert Downey Jr. and not just hearing his voice coming out of the Iron Man suit. And secondly, Shane Black is such a good fit for Iron Man that it's not even funny. This movie reminded me a lot of the awesome-yet-underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's got razor sharp writing, funny henchmen, it's set at Christmas, it has industry jokes, and it's an all-around winner. Oh yeah, and RDJ is in both too, obvs.

I also have to give props to the cast. Rebecca Hall *coughgirlcrushcough*, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, and Ty Simpkins in particular all did a great job. And of course Robert Downey Jr. was really given a chance to shine.

I'm so glad these films aren't strictly catering to the comic book crowd and are accessible to everyone in the audience. In this film I didn't feel lost or like I should've rewatched the previous films to know what was going on. The film certainly references the previous Iron Man films and The Avengers, but it stands pretty well on its own. At least, most people should have known what was going on (I'm looking at you, girl who asked her boyfriend seven hundred questions in the middle of the movie!). At any rate, this is not to be missed, if only so you're not the ONLY person who didn't see it (says the girl who refuses to see Avatar). And enjoy!

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