Thursday, July 7, 2011

AKIRA (1988)

31 years after WWIII, Neo-Tokyo is a crime ridden city filled with rival gangs. One I don't even know how to attempt a plot description of this film. Just see the damn thing.

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I know this sounds irresponsible but: I think this is a film that needs to be seen when you're young so that it can make a maximum impression on your psyche. Even if the plot is a little hard to follow/incomprehensible, the power of Akira cannot be denied. From the opening bike chase to the final climactic showdown at the stadium, this film has you glued to the screen. The sheer visual power of this film is astounding. The images effortlessly wedge themselves into your brain. And let's not forget that score! This movie hits you on a primal level.

For years there has been talk about making a live-action adaptation. Let's not and say we did. I mean we kind of already went down that road with Kanye West's Hype Williams directed Stronger video.

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