Friday, May 27, 2011

Zodiac (2007)

A cop, a reporter and a cartoonist (Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal) invest years of their lives into uncovering the identity of the famed Zodiac killer.

*       *      *

If you are in the mood for a serial killer film, please do not watch this film. The final 2/3 of the film are 100% murder free. This is not a film about monsters, it is a film about the people who hunt them even when all good sense says you should stop. This is a film about obsession and what it can do to your life. 

Since the death of Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher has easily become the director most synonymous with the term "perfectionist". To borrow a line from another Fincher film, he knows all about, "the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop tonguing it, but you can't." All of the murders in this film were shot using digital blood because Fincher was aware how many takes would be necessary to 'get it right' and didn't want to ruin that many costumes. David knows obsession intimately and it is reflected in every single frame of this film. Not only is it there in the chillingly objective camera work, but also the eyes of these men who NEED to find out the truth.

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