Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sight & Sound Challenge: Tropical Malady (2004)

Film: Tropical Malady (227/250) 
First Time/Rewatch: First Time

Tropical Malady isn't one film, it's two. The first half is the story of two men embarking on a romance, and the second is of a man looking for a lost villager in the woods who encounters a tiger spirit and loses himself. The second half is evocative, and works great as a stand-alone short film. I was a little frustrated at leaving the first half so soon...I wanted more time with these characters, I wanted to follow more of their story. They had a charisma and a chemistry that was irresistible, but all too soon we were moving into the darkness of the forest and leaving them behind. It took me time to settle into the second half once I realized what was happening, but it eventually captivated me like it did the poor soldier. The wind rustling through the trees, whispers, it was all so hypnotic. I need to visit it again, as I watched it in the worst way possible (on my phone while on a lunch break). I think being completely free of distractions will help me appreciate it even more. Hell, that goes for any movie.

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