Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Disaster Artist (2017)

Much like James Franco, this film wants to be taken seriously. It’s about a silly movie and centered around a silly (real life) character, but it wants to treat it all seriously. The Disaster Artist wants to be about friendship, relationships, art, insanity, etc. This is what Tommy was striving for too. If you ask him what The Room is about, he will tell you that it is about everything.

While Franco’s endeavor was much more successful than Tommy's, it is also similarly hamstrung by its ambition. It's about so many things that it ends up being about very little. It has thoughts and ideas and things to say, but they don’t add up to anything too profound. They are all truisms that we have heard before. I know Franco has a mind for meta, but I don't think even he was aware of this subtextual level. Like Tommy, he just stumbled into success.

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