Monday, September 4, 2017

Twin Peaks (2017)

Over on the Twin Peaks Facebook group that I frequent, I've jokingly asked how soon after the conclusion will we all disband and go our separate ways. While I'm sure many will leave and posts will become less frequent, I doubt any of us will stop thinking about The Return any time soon. There is so much to dissect and so much that is still open to interpretation. This series contains multitudes. It's a Joycean work so immense and thick with allusion that it is certain to launch a thousand academic ships. It's about film, it's about television, it's about America, it's about trauma, it's about men and women, it's about nostalgia, it's about aging, it's about death, it's about time. And of course there is that ending(?)

Making my way through this season has truly been a once in a lifetime experience. In this age of DVR and streaming services it feels like nobody is on the same page with anything. Everyone is doing things at their own pace resulting in few truly communal experiences. And while I know that most of the world wasn't watching, over these past months I have felt extremely in sync with so many people. And now that it is over we can watch it as one giant flowing whole that will certainly yield new insights. David Lynch and Mark Frost have bent television to their will and I am truly thankful for that. In fact they've bent it back so far that it isn't even television. We are like that first audience in Paris witnessing the The Lumière Brothers' first films unspooling before us. We are sharing a dream in the dark - awoken by a scream.

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