Monday, September 18, 2017

mother! (2017)

It's insane that this film is being released by a major studio, on a ton of screens, and is being marketed as a horror film. I don't see this film making a dime over the weekend. People expecting a horror film will be disappointed and religious people will be enraged. But I couldn't help but giggle at the sheer anarchy of it all. It's scorched earth filmmaking that refuses to slow down once it gets going. Like The Poet, this film (and by extension Darren Aronofsky) craves your reaction and doesn't seem to care if that reaction is positive or negative. This film goes so for broke that it even prominently features a kitchen sink. It literally has everything AND the kitchen sink. I'm still grappling with what this says about me, but I simply cannot help but admire this beautiful, mess of a film.

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