Monday, August 7, 2017

Baby Driver (2017)

This film would pair nicely with Collateral. Beyond the fact that it allows Jamie Foxx to play the flip side of the role he had in the Mann movie, Baby Driver deepens the themes of that other film by having a much more engaged protagonist.

Baby isn't an innocent who chanced into this life by having the wrong person get into his car. Sure he owes Doc a debt, but it was boosting a car that got him into that position to begin with. He's a thrill seeker who wants none of the consequences. And this film is all about consequences. It's not about action v. inaction. Baby is already a man of action. But does he have the strength of character to live with those consequences once the dominos start falling? Or will he continue to drown out any unpleasantness with catchy R&B tunes?

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