Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wonder Woman (2017)

Oh man this movie is everything I love about Super Hero Comics: it's silly, serious, action-packed, and it has an ethos. I 100% reject the idea of keeping politics and social issues out of genre, and so does this film. It has a message to impart and it imparts it while also telling a pulpy, "blood and thunder" story that's filled with gods, goddesses, and super-powered Germans. More than ever we need super heroes, but since they don't exist, we have to become them. Wonder Woman herself cannot come down off the screen and save us, but she can inspire a whole generation of little girls and boys to care for others and to fight for what they believe in. Now, let's cue up that electric strings sting, and get to work.

Now, here's a Twitter thread of 75+ female film writers on Wonder Woman that was curated by the great Marya Gates! Give them your clicks and attention because this world needs female voices.

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