Thursday, May 25, 2017

Heat (1995)

While I certainly don't agree with Pauline Kael's opinion that the Auteur Theory was a way for film-bros to label the genre films of their youths as "art", Heat certainly gives me similar feelings. As much as I enjoy this film, there's nothing deep about it. It has nothing new to say about cops and criminals, and the "insights" it has about men and women are equally reductive. But that doesn't stop people from trying to read more into it. Why do people feel the need to graft deep thoughts onto this film? Does a work really need to be filled with soul-shattering insight in order to be great? Can't an expertly crafted piece of Pop Cinema just be enough? The photography, choreography, editing, score, sound, and acting are all top notch. It's a whole crew of absolute professionals doing their absolute best and it's a wonder to behold. Can't that just be enough?

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