Monday, May 1, 2017

Christine (2016)

In the past I've admired films "based on a true story" for taking us inside of private moments that a documentary never could. This film I admire for keeping us outside.

Throughout the runtime, we are presented with all sorts of reasons why Christine might have done what she did. There's her physical health, there's her mental health, there's her home situation, her love situation, her work situation, and of course there is also Watergate. But when it comes time for her to do the deed, we still have no clue why she did it. Perhaps it was a combination of all the things we've seen. You can comb through hours of tape looking for an answer, but the only person who can truly give you that answer is dead.

To try and place an answer on to Christine's actions would be doing her a great disservice. Rebecca Hall's performance deserves far more recognition than it has received thus far. She compassionately honored a woman who, like so many other women throughout history, has been reduced to just a single thing.

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