Monday, November 7, 2016

Weiner (2016)

The fact that this documentary exists is insane. But it's also kind of the point. This is a portrait of a man so drunk on power that he believes he can get away with anything. This is a portrait of a man who cannot tell when it's over. So of course he allowed cameras to keep filming his zombie campaign. I get the impulse to counter the mainstream media story by allowing people to see "the real Anthony Weiner", but how can you be so blind as to not realize the way you are coming off in all this candid footage? I don't even think Donald Trump has that much ego! As head-shaking and vomit inducing as this whole mess is on a personal and political level, it sure does make for riveting and fascinating cinema. Oh and if you're reading this on the day that it posts, please go out and vote tomorrow.

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  1. Wow. Weiner is an enigma of poor judgement. Interesting looking doc!