Monday, November 14, 2016

The Fits (2016)

As someone who writes about movies, I am constantly trying to "get" what I have just seen. What are the filmmakers trying to tell me? Did it come across? Could it have been stated more clearly? But not all art is meant to be "got". Some art is meant to be experienced. Some art is just there to give you thoughts and feelings. It isn't trying to tell you what to do with those thoughts and feelings. If they wanted you to take a message away from the film they would have written an essay. Instead, they chose to use cameras and actors and sound and editing to make you feel something. And just because it's art, doesn't mean that it is boring. I hope the fact that it is unrated means that adolescents are getting the chance to see this. It will show them that movies can be anything. And so can they.

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