Thursday, July 21, 2016

Real Life (1979)

I think this film would make a great double-bill with David Bryne's True Stories, as both films are actively focused on exposing just how surreal "reality" can actually be. When viewed through the right lens, anything can be abnormal or weird. To Charles Grodin's Dr. Yeager, surgery on a horse is par for the course (of course) but to us it is an inspired bit of comic absurdism. By placing this faux-documentary construct on the film we are able to appreciate just how oblivious people can be of their own situations. Just look at how the fictionalized, "neutral" Albert Brooks character is incapable of stepping outside of himself enough to see just how weird it is to begin this grand experiment with a musical number and orchestra. And so, even though the "experiment" is a "failure", it's actually a success. This is how people behave. This is Real Life.

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