Thursday, May 19, 2016

Appropriate Behavior (2014)

When this movie came out, that still of writer/director/star Desiree Akhavan sitting on the toilet was all over my tumblr feed. And then there was the poster with her staring at the straight, kissing couple. The moody photography of these images combined with the bisexuality and the whole Iranian aspect had me pre-judging this film in all sorts of ways. And while this film is about all those things, it's also really damn funny. Why didn't they play up that angle? For some reason they sold this film like NyQuil when it's actually Dimetapp. This film is bubblegum amoxicillin. I guess I would have been just as reluctant if they had played up the comedy. Could you imagine a poster with a rainbow flag on one side, an Iranian flag on the other side and Shirin in the middle looking quirkily confused? When a film is one dimensional it's fine to pick an angle and stick to it like glue. But when a film is as unique and nuanced as this one, you're doing it a disservice by making it out to be just one thing. Or maybe going in with pre-judgements helped me to like this movie better. Maybe I liked it this much because of all the ways it defied my expectations. Well, either way it's a good movie. You should see it!

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