Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oscar Noms: What A Lovely Day!

I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm already burned out by this Awards Season. I don't remember being this over it this early last year. But then again I was a much bigger fan of last year's cinematic output. Not that this year was a total wash. There have been some legit great movies this year. It's just that right now, I'm pretty confident that the truly great stuff is not going to win. Am I just being pessimist? Am I putting too much faith in Oscar bloggers? Am I still burned over Birdman's win last year? We will see when the little good guys get handed out next month. Until then, here are my annual bullet point thoughts on the nominees...

-First and foremost I say: Screw Shortlisting! More than a month before these nominees were announced it was decided that Phoenix was not going to make the cut for Best Foreign and Call Me Lucky was not going to make the cut for Best Documentary. As those were two of the year's best films, the decisions to exclude them are dumb decisions.

-White people! I thought this was supposed to be a paradigm shifting year thanks to all the young and ethnically diverse voters? Perhaps they all threw in behind Mad Max and stuff like Creed and Tangerine got left in the lurch?

-WTF with the overall lack of Carol in most major categories? That's some serious BS.

-In happier news... 10 NOMINATIONS FOR FURY ROAD! ... let's just hope it can win a few. Don't know if The Academy would deign to give it Best Picture, but I will totally settle for Best Director!

-There go Vin Diesel's dreams of a Furious 7 nomination/win. Surprised? Absolutely not. I guess the Oscars "don’t want to be relevant ever". And I laugh for eternity.

-Will it be Leo's year because filmmaking is hard work? Or because of...indigenous peoples? Tune in to find out!

-Haven't seen 45 Years yet but YAY CHARLOTTE RAMPLING! Rumblings are that it's between Saoirse Ronan and Brie Larson but will they divide up the youth lovers and make way for a Charlotte victory? Or maybe a second round for Blanchett to give Carol at least SOME love?

-It's totally Stallone's year, right?

-Since Rooney Mara was actually a co-lead in Carol, I think she might have a leg up over the rest of the gals for Best Supporting.

-No Todd Haynes AND no Ridley Scott for director!? Nice of them to give a little attention to the younger generation in the form of Lenny Abrhamson in the form of a nod for Room, but those are two big snubs. And I'm not even the biggest Ridley Scott fan! I guess it's down to Alejandro González Iñárritu and George Miller. While I don't hate Iñárritu as much as some, he's also not John Ford, so one Oscar should be plenty for him. This is George's year!

-Best Original Score might be one of the tightest categories. John Williams v. a Spielberg film that wasn't scored by John Williams!? Ennio Morricone doing a Western score! Carter Burwell making everyone weeeeeeeeeeep.

-No love for Junkie XL?

-Shouldn't Straight Outta Compton be up for Best Adapted? It's an adaptation of the album, right?

-Nice to see a few movies actually shot on celluloid up for Best Cinematography! It's a real murderer's row of cinematography powerhouses here. Bob Richardson and Chivo already have multiple wins and John Seale already has one so they should all step aside and let it be between Deakins and Lachman. Kinda always hoped Deakins would win for a Coen film though...

-Never thought I'd hear "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "Oscar" in the same sentence.

-Was there seriously not an original song in Straight Outta Compton? Not even over the end credits? Didn't Dre do a whole album inspired by this film? None of those count?

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