Monday, January 18, 2016

Lady Snowblood (1973)

This movie really had me flashing back to my film school days. As a screenwriting major, I'm well acquainted with the unique hurdle that is exposition. There's no fool-proof method for revealing necessary information to the audience. Do you put it right up front? Do you divvy it out in little bursts? Do you use flashbacks? Voiceover? Newspaper headlines? For the makers of Lady Snowblood, the answer to all of those questions is a resounding ,"YES!"

It's impossible for this film to get boring because the course of the narrative is constantly changing. You're given the most basic set-up right at the beginning, but before you know it, things have changed. More information is learned and as a result things change again. Right up until the end we are learning more and more, and as a result our interest never waivers. It helps that the action scenes are amazing. This movie should be taught in film schools. A cool professor would.

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