Monday, November 2, 2015

Adaptation. (2002)

Though his filmography is still so small, the overall emotion I take away from the work of Spike Jonze, is a fear of inadequacy. In Being John Malkovich, you have a protagonist who is so desperate to be anyone but himself that it ends up destroying him. In Her, there's a sentient operating system who realizes that she is capable of being more than just some schlub's accessory. The crucial transition point between these two films is Adaptation. It's act two in a three act structure. The only way you get from the destructive fatalism of the first film, to the optimistic transcendence of the latter film, is through the brutally hard fought realizations of this middle film. This is the film about realizing that you don't have to be a rare, Ghost Orchid. This is the film about realizing that it's OK to just be a daisy. Once you have come to terms with who you really are, you're free to move on and do the truly amazing work that nobody ever saw coming.

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