Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Duke of Burgundy (2015)

There are only so many stories that can be told. I know this might sound weird but: with the gradually shifting power dynamic of the dominant and submissive switching places in this film, I found myself constantly reminded of Annie Hall. And while I can't think of a particular example, I'm 100% certain that many people told this same story long before Woody Allen. Probably Shakespeare and/or the Greeks. So now that we've established that nothing is original, how do we make a story new again? By telling it in a style we have not seen it in before. Take that old skeleton, drape it in lush/fetishistic cinematography, surround it with haunting music, then tie it up and sit on its face. What was once old, is now new again. Gotta do something to keep the romance alive, right?

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