Thursday, October 22, 2015

Scream (1996)

With all due respect to the crews that work so hard to make movies, I really cannot stand the cinematography of the 1990's. I'm not sure if it is a variation on how your parents cannot stand to look at photos from their adolescence or what, but I just cannot abide by it. It's all so bright with very little shadow. It's like the high-key look of Old Hollywood in the 50's and 60's, minus the beautiful saturated technicolor that at least made things pop. Quite simply, there isn't really a style to it. Everything is at the exact same level. Yet somehow this lack of photographic style ends up working here. With lighting this evenly employed, you are able to take in all the horrible 90's decor of the suburban houses where all these ghastly things are occurring. It's a very subtle yet effective juxtaposition. You might even recognize some horrendous color pallet or two from your own youth. At least for me, Scream brings horror home.

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