Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sight & Sound Challenge: Rear Window (1954)

Film: Rear Window (38/250) 
Critics Poll: 53rd 
Directors Poll: 48th 
First Time/Rewatch: Rewatch

NOW we're talking! While I can definitely see the merits of Vertigo and North by Northwest, this was the first Hitchcock film on the list that I was really excited to revisit. And then, I dozed off. It had been a very long work week, I had gotten little sleep, and my body was ready to collapse. I wrestled with the decision of whether or not to try again, even though I watch it annually and can practically recite it at this point. After much deliberation, I decided to put it on again. I'm watching it as I write this, in fact. The truth is that my summer isn't complete until I've watched this film again, until I've seen Grace Kelly's gorgeous face fill the screen like a dream, until I've stared into those apartment windows with Jimmy Stewart, until I've gotten anxious about whether the police will come in time to save Grace Kelly, until I've felt the unforgiving heat along with those characters sleeping on their fire escape. The thrill of this film will always be worth revisiting.

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