Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mistress America (2015)

Greta Gerwig is a national treasure. While it is easy to critique her for doing the same type of character over and over again, that seems to be missing the point of how difficult it is to do that type of character in the first place.

The typical Greta Gerwig character is someone you should probably hate. She talks non-stop, usually about herself and seems to lack any sort of sincerity about anything. Yet you still find yourself drawn to her. There's something appealing in that confidence she exudes. She's capable of things the more inhibited could never accomplish. And underneath  you can subtly detect the sensitivity that all her bluster is guarding. It's not the type of character you love to hate, it's the type of character you should hate but for some reason cannot bring yourself to hate. There aren't really that many working actresses out there capable of this feat.

Mistress America has a lot going for it, but moreso than anything it feels like Noah Baumbach's love-letter to his collaborator and the minor miracles she is able to accomplish on screen. Through his love, we too fall in love.

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