Friday, September 19, 2014

Listening To: The Double Life of Veronique (1991)

In this film about two women living mirrored, distant-yet-connected lives, music was a key ingredient. Both women have a passion for music, and it plays a vital role in their lives and their fates. Composer Zbigniew Preisner created a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to this unusual and unforgettable film, perfectly setting the tone for unease and wonder. Being a practically lifelong pianist, I tend to focus on the music when watching a film for the first time, and the first thing I did after watching this was track down sheet music to this gorgeous score. I couldn't get enough. The soundtrack is hard to find, but you can listen to individual tracks on YouTube (desktop only, unfortunately). It's well worth looking up if you're looking for something melancholy and lovely to kick off your weekend.

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