Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Frances Ha (2013)

The story of Frances (Greta Gerwig) is the story of many twenty-somethings. She has a best friend that she loves and a sort-of-job that she enjoys. But her friend starts to grow apart from her, and she's not as vital in her job as she thought. She finds herself aimless, adrift. She makes decisions that probably aren't the best for her, and her life quietly falls apart. There is no earth-shattering revelation, no hard rock-bottom that makes her realize that things aren't working. She just has to learn to shift her focus away from other people (namely her best friend Sophie) and focus on making good decisions for herself and her own life. It's not high drama, but it feels real.

The black and white photography is absolutely wonderful. It adds a timeless quality to a film that some could say is just about this generation's problems. Greta Gerwig takes a character whose behavior can be downright frustrating and gives her an irresistible charm, even when making you cringe from her awkwardness. You want her to succeed. She gives this story life.

Try to catch this one if you can! Frances is a character that will either delight you or aggravate you, but you definitely won't forget her.

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