Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Flight of Dragons (1982)

The power of magic is fading in a world of reason and logic. The wizard Carolinus (Harry Morgan) summons his three brothers in hopes that together they can create a haven for all magical creatures, safe from the outside world. The evil fourth brother Ommadon (James Earl Jones) refuses to hide away and instead vows to use his powers to control and destroy mankind. Carolinus then organizes a quest, headed by a 20th century man of science (John Ritter), to steal Ommadon's crown, the source of his power.

This film is one of the few non-Disney animated films I grew up with. I've met very few people who have seen this film, so I'm always defending it despite the fact that it's all over the place. Once you get past the somewhat wonky animation and crazy monsters, it's actually an interesting story about magic versus science. One could even look at it as a story of religion's place in the modern world ruled by logic. Can the two coexist? This film also gets props for being the only movie I've seen that attempts to scientifically explain dragon fire and flight. Not bad for a little cartoon from the 80s!

You'll have a tough time finding this one without purchasing it outright, but you can watch individual clips on YouTube if you're interested. At least get it for the kids!

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