Monday, July 4, 2011

Uncle Sam (1997)

An angry Desert Storm Vet returns from the grave to kill unpatriotic citizens over 4th of July weekend. Need I say more?

*      *      *

By no stretch of the imagination is this film "good", but it sure as heck is FUN! And seeing as I know the kid who played Jody (Chris Ogden woot woot!) I am far more familiar with this film than anybody should be. Boy William Lustig sure knew what he was doing. Eye-catching poster, cheesy tagline, ludicrous plot, "name" actors and a whole mess of crazy kills. Oh yeah and P.J. Soles is in it too! INSTANT cult hit! This film is worth at least ONE viewing in your life. Why not celebrate the birth of our country by popping this in the old DVD player?

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