Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sandlot (1993)

This one is a summer CLASSIC. Just about everybody has seen it, but if you haven't, I suggest you rent it posthaste!

Scotty Smalls is the new kid in town. He's kinda nerdy, kinda awkward, and desperately wants to make some friends before school starts. He attempts to join some boys that play baseball together, but they think he's a loser and want nothing to do with him until their "leader", Benny, gives him a chance and welcomes him to their game. They spend the summer having all sorts of misadventures and becoming close friends.

But you already knew all that, didn't you?

Watch it for the insult slingfest ("You play ball like a GIRL!"), the urban legends (""), the chewing tobacco puke, the lifeguard fakeout, and "Baby" Ruth! It's a classic for a reason, watch it and embrace your inner kid! WATCH IT FOR WENDY PEFFERCORN!

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