Friday, July 8, 2011

Gidget (1959)

It's July. Our apartment is a sauna. It's too hot to sleep. Naturally, I've got summer movies on the brain!

Today's offering is the original Gidget, starring Sandra Dee. Francie's friends are busy spending the summer boyhunting while the, erm, lesser developed and somewhat tomboyish Francie would rather spend her time at the beach snorkeling. She's a bit of an outcast. When she gets tangled in some seaweed and is rescued by a dreamy surfer, she becomes immediately addicted to the thrill of surfing. She befriends the local surf-bums who call her Gidget (girl-midget, get it? GET IT??) and the rest writes itself.

This movie is kitschy, cute, and even a little creepy sometimes (old beach bum, STAY AWAY from Gidget! She's, like, fifteen or something!) but it's definitely fun. Gidget has about a thousand different swimsuits, James Darren as Moondoggie is totally adorable and even has a little song, and the luau scene is just too hokey and fun. Good times by all!

Also, a heads up that I'll be writing about Gidget Goes Hawaiian's the sequel and probably my favorite in the series, but I thought I'd start at the beginning!

Happy summer!

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