Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get Some CULTure

Living in Southern California has its' perks. Nice weather, great Mexican food, etc. And if you're a Cinema Nerd there's the added perk of being close to Gallery1988.

Though they've put on all kinds of awesome shows (ie: I Am 8-Bit where all the pieces were inspired by classic video games or their current show Camp Firewood where all the pieces are inspired by the hilarious film Wet Hot American Summer) their legendary show is the annual (Kevin Smith sponsored) Crazy 4 Cult.

Only here can you see some of your favorite films turned into beautiful works of art! At last year's show, the Cinema Nerds team purchased a pair of beautiful Dave Perillo prints (Jaws and Willy Wonka respectively) which now proudly hang in our secret lair.

Could your secret lair use a little class? Well you're in luck cause the 5th annual show (lovingly subtitled "I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit") will be running from July 8th - July 30th at their Melrose location! Admission is free but don't be surprised when you find yourself leaving a little lighter in the wallet.


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