Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Disney Drunks

Remember when alcoholics were something children laughed at in movies? Here are some of my favorite Disney drunks and drunken moments. No particular reason for this post, except that I'm a dork, I guess.

Bartholomew, The Great Mouse Detective
Poor Bartholomew. All of Ratigan's little followers are drinking, but this poor fellow gets so sloshed he foolishly calls Ratigan a rat (which he totally is) and ends up getting eaten by an obese housecat. So sad!

The lute player, Sleeping Beauty
This guy drinks wine out of his lute, stumbles around, and passes out under the table. Awesome!

Smee, Peter Pan
Apparently lovable old Smee uses alcohol to de-stress. There's a scene where he has a drinkie or two and starts acting so very silly. Oh Smee!

Sir Hiss, Robin Hood
Okay, so he gets accidentally tipsy, but it's funny all the same. He's talking to himself and everything, ha!

Gideon, Pinocchio
He's either incredibly stupidly drunk the entire movie, or just incredibly stupid. I'm going with drunk.

Luke, The Rescuers
Oh God, look at him, he's hugging his moonshine. He also coughs fire at one point. That's how you know it's the GOOD stuff!

Bacchus, Fantasia
Holy crap, this guy is my favorite Disney drunk, hands down. He's the god of wine and partying, and he and his centaur fans do indeed party it up. He's fat, he's jolly, he's better than Santa, he rides a tiny little donkey-unicorn who's also drunk, and it's all very fabulous.

Dumbo (and Timothy), Dumbo
Poor poor Dumbo! He's called a freak pretty much since birth, his mother is taken from him, he's forced to perform as a clown, and if that wasn't bad enough, he accidentally gets drunk and has the most HORRIFYING visions ever. Don't even pretend like it didn't freak you out too.

I'll stop there! Enjoy your drinkies, and watch out for pink elephants!