Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Childhood Nightmares

Children are too mollycoddled these days, and their movies aren't SCARY enough. Or maybe I was just a wimp as a child. It's possible. Anyway, here is my list of movies that scared the pants off me as a child. In no particular order. Also, spoiler alerts for some of these!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
I actually loved this movie as a kid, but I had to leave the room at the end. When Judge Doom is flattened, he springs up again revealing himself to be a murderous toon. So terrifying! And his eyeballs fall out and he has these evil red cartoon eyes, aaaaah!
"Remember me, Eddie? When I killed your brother! I TALKED JUST! LIKE! THIIIIIIIIIS!"
*shudder* I'm so not over this one.

Oh Chernabog, you are so scary and cool. He's basically the devil, and he makes ghosts rise out of the ground and naked firegirls dance in his hands. This whole "Night on Bald Mountain" segment freaked me out, but it's actually one of my favorite scenes now. The badass music, the ghosts (I can't get over how amazing that animation is), it's all too exhilarating. But as a kid, no way. So scary!

I ranted about this movie recently, but I couldn't leave it off this list. "Pink Elephants" is SCARY. End of story! Those elephants and their black eyes, gahhh.

I have a confession to make. I don't know that I've actually seen this film all the way through. I remember watching it as a kid, and there's a part where somebody gets turned into a pig. Or several people. I don't remember. I just know that I haven't watched this movie since for that very reason. Scary pig people. :(

The Indiana Jones trilogy
Ah yes, the holy trinity of freakout scenes. Raiders of the Lost Ark has Nazi face melting, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has freaky cults and the heart ripping scene, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had, well, let's just say he "chose poorly". I knew exactly when to bolt out of the room as a kid!

The Neverending Story
Okay, this movie actually has a lot of scary parts. That wolfdog thing Gmork, the weird-looking people of Fantasia, the giant turtle, the mud pit where the poor horse meets his end...
A quick aside: It's said that you sink into the mud when you get too sad. If seeing your BFF horse sink and die in a bunch of mud right in front of you isn't enough to make YOU sad and sink into the mud, what horrible traumatizing memories did that poor horse have that made HIM sink??
What reeeeeally freaked me out was the gates to the Southern Oracle. They open their eyes and blast you if you're not confident. Uhh...scary. And THEN, he gets to the Southern Oracle (which is the same two statues but blue) and those are scary too! They speak all spooky and then crumble apart. If I was Atreyu I would've pooped my pants. Maybe he did.

So there's my list. What were YOUR scary movie moments as a kid?


  1. The clown/spider from IT, the Terminator, The Exorcist, & the goblins from the Labyrinth!! >.<

  2. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

  3. I could barely go into the horror section in any video store -the cover of Carrie terrified me (I didn't know she was covered in pig blood, I thought she was just bloody for some unimaginable reason). As for kids' movies, definitely Gmork. Jeez! I forgot about that guy.

    There was also this movie I saw on TV one night called "The Pit" about this psycho kid who finds a huge hole in the ground full of flesh-eating furry creatures with blaring red eyes and gnashing teeth - scared the shit out of me for a long time.
    I watched that movie several months ago - it's hilarious.

  4. The Grugde is sooooo scary...... but u have to see it!!!!!!!!!
    Also What lies beneath kept me awake for days!!!!!! i was only 8 when i watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!