Monday, June 13, 2011

The Birds (1963)

I love The Birds, I watch it at least once a year. We all know the plot: birds start attacking the citizens of Bodega Bay, and nobody knows why! Come to think of it, maybe this movie is why birds make me a little uneasy.
So! Here are some of the things that make this movie so great for me:

♥ The bird sounds - so creepy, seriously! And so loud!

♥ Suzanne Pleshette. Va va voom! Who wouldn't pick her? (Answer: Mitch) There's this part where the leading lady is on the phone, and she's looking off trying to look like she's not listening...the phone call ends, and she sort of looks over her shoulder, so cute! I love her.

♥ Hitchcock's cameo at the beginning...I saw this on the big screen once, and all the fans knew it well enough to applaud when he walks through (even though he is a bag of the douche variety, but that's another story)

♥ Tippi Hedren's green suit + fur coat? Divine.

♥ While we're at it, let's go with Tippi's character Melanie Daniels. Her hair is perfect, her attitude icy, and she's really not that likeable, but somehow it works. Tippi, don't open that door!

♥ Children's song + cigarette + crows = best scene ever.

♥ Rod Taylor's manliness. It's almost funny. Boarding up windows, sweating his man-sweat, it's just too much.

♥ Those darn adorable lovebirds leaning with the road.

This list is getting all over the place. All kidding aside, this movie does a phenomenal job of freaking you out without grossing you out (I'm looking at YOU, every movie currently in theatres!), and you'll never look at your pet bird the same! He's in there know that, right?

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