Friday, May 6, 2011

The Host (2006)

After years and years of wanton pollution, a giant creature emerges from South Korea's Han River. During its' rampage the monster takes a few "snacks" to eat later. The family of one such "snack" sets out on a quest to bring their little girl back.

*      *      *

Outside of the original 1933 King Kong and 1954 Gojira, most giant monster films have been jokes. This is not to say that the films are worthless, just that they lack any substance at all. They're fun and campy and that's fine. But thankfully in 2006 we were given a film that reminded us that the "Giant Monster" genre could be more than just bad dubbing and cardboard sets. The Host is a crazy fun ride. It's scary, it's funny, it's action-packed and it's touching. Forget Cloverfield, this is the real shit...and you can stream it!

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