Saturday, April 2, 2011

Charade (1963)

After her husband’s death, Regina (Audrey Hepburn) is on the run from men who are after a fortune she didn’t even know existed. Can the helpful seeming Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) be trusted?

*      *      *

The 1960s was a very bi-polar decade for cinema. It was the crossover decade that took us from the golden-age Hollywood of Casablanca to the avant-garde “New Hollywood” of Easy Rider. While the more cutting-edge films are arguably the greater "artistic" triumphs, some of the more conventional films of the period are not without merit. Charade goes down sooooooooo smooth. Take two of the most magnetic stars EVER, put them in a fun mystery, give them witty things to say, set it in an exotic location with underscoring by Henry Mancini and you are in pure cinema heaven. How can you not love a film with opening titles this amazing?

NOTE: I know some of you are bias against older films, but PLEASE AVOID the 2002 remake The Truth About Charlie AT ALL COSTS!

(As of this writing, it's streamable on Netflix! Check it out!)

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