Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Town Envy

Living close to/in Los Angeles is wonderful for a cinephile. There is always something to see. Don't believe me? Check out Mondo Celluloid where you can find out what all the various rep houses around So Cal are showing. As nice as this all is, Southern California has NOTHING on Paris France.

Paris is a city that breathes cinema, and the center of that is the Cinémathèque Française which has been celebrating cinema since the 1930s. During World War II they even saved some films from being destroyed by the Nazis!

In addition to multiple daily screenings, the Cinémathèque also puts on multi-month, multi-media celebrations of genres, actors and filmmakers. The Pedro Almodóvar and Jacques Tati exhibits Cinema Nerds attended there were AMAZING. This brings me to the point of why I'm writing this post: Now through the end of July, the Cinémathèque Française is honoring -

Check out this video from Reuters to get a glimpse at how awesome this exhibition is:

Who wants to pay for the This Cinematic Life staff to fly to France so that we can cover this exhibit in greater detail? We promise that it will be money well spent.

FUN FACT: Stanley Kubrick has 12 films available on DVD. Back in 2008, This Cinematic Life did our own year-long, one-per-month Kubrick festival. We highly recommend this!


  1. thanks for mentioning this! i'm in paris right now and i am gonna go check this out tomorrow :D

    (p.s. this is opium from LJ)

  2. oh hello! glad our little blog could be of service. also - congratulations on being our first comment EVER! *fireworks* we really hope you enjoy the show! they don't like people taking pictures in there but if you're sneaky and get any we'd love to see them :-)

  3. I will for sure - I hella need a pic of me with those Clockwork Orange milk beauties.

  4. There's a few I managed to get here:

    I was really only into the Clockwork Orange room...due to a massive teenage obsession. The rest was cool too :) I got caught when trying to get a photo of me with the milk girl - oh well ;) Enjoy.