Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Say NO!

Most movie posters these days suck. Occasionally good ones slip through. But when it comes time for a home video release? 


DVD and Blu-ray covers are a crime against humanity. Through the wonders of shitty Photoshop skills, amazing pieces of film art are reduced to giant heads and moronic pull-quotes. A film's theatrical run is a mere flash-in-the-pan compared to the eternal life it will have on home video. That is where most films will be discovered. Yet don't expect the industry to change any time soon. They are only concerned with the bottom line. What is cheapest to produce and will sell the most units to the masses. So what are the cinema nerds out there to do? 


Sam Smith is a very talented designer who has done great work for The Criterion Collection. Not content with the shitty cover art for one of his favorite films of 2010...

He created his own...

You can even download it for for free at his blog. And it doesn't matter if you're not some great graphic artist. If your favorite film has shitty cover art, nothing should stop you from finding some images on Google and throwing something together in MS Paint. Odds are it will still be better than whatever the "official" art is.

FOR EXTRA FUN: Check out some of these silly DIY "Criterion Collection" covers.

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